Sara Di Mario Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

Sara Di Mario

Founder Hazel New Energy

Entrepreneur and Executive with a wide knowledge of electricity market dynamics and passionate about sustainability. Pioneer of Renewable energy sector that she joined nearly fifteen years ago holding C-level roles in two different top European companies.

She runs Hazel New Energy, active in investments and advisory services in the Energy Transition sector, and she can rely on her previous wide experience as COO in the European Energy & Infrastructure sector having managed two of the biggest European renewable energy portfolios. In particular she has been in charge of EF Solare Italia’s (F2i group) portfolio, that she drove from the start-up phase to nearly 1GW over 300 sites and 4B€ of solar assets under management, and of Green Arrow Capital’s portfolio, where she led the operational transition to 400MW and 1.6B€ of renewable energy – wind, solar, hydro and mini-hydro, biogas and biomethane – assets under management throughout Europe.

She previously held roles in Engie, Kearney and took part in a start up in the solar sector.

Strongly focused and skilled in Operations, M&A processes, Portfolio Growth and Improvement, Post-Merger Integration and Technological Innovation.

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