Dr Emily Wallace Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

Dr Emily Wallace

Fellow in Weather and Climate Extremes and Impacts The Met Office

Emily is a Fellow in Weather and Climate Extremes at the Met Office. Her mission is to empower you to deal with extreme weather and remain safe and resilient in our changing world.

She has over a decade of experience delivering services to support clean and reliable energy transition and to other critical infrastructure projects, drawing on a career spanning weather and climate science at the Met Office and now delivers real-time climate attribution services and advice on extreme weather due to climate change.

Results from her work include improved climate resilience of power and gas networks, extended planning windows for the winter ahead, reduced customer minutes lost due to weather hazards on power networks, improved planning of our future energy systems, reduced over-design of key infrastructure, increased awareness of weather and climate impacts on infrastructure planning, build and operation.

She’s passionate about using her expertise to reduce UK emissions and create a resilient future so we can all stay safe and thrive.

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