Hervé Suquet Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

Hervé Suquet

VP Energy Group Orange

In charge to drive Orange Group Energy strategy, under a dual goal to master cost evolution while reaching Orange target to be net zero carbon by 2040.

Previously, I was CTIO of Orange Middle East & Africa, where I drove a strategy enabling Orange MEA to sustain a 6% revenue growth while keeping the Capex and Opex/Revenue ratio stable, also designing and implementing major transformation program as IDEAL (Include Digital in Every African’s Life) and TREE (Toward Responsible Energy Efficiency).

I have been in charge of major transformation projects during my carrier, acquiring a large experience in telecom & IT within both Orange group (CTIO Orange, CTIO Méditel, COO MobiNil…) and different others companies (Nokia, Mobinil, Equant, Sofrecom…).
Engineer – Ecole Polytechnique; Msc in Telecoms – Telecom Paris Tech Board Member

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