Simone Giacchè Simone Giacchè Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

Simone Giacchè Simone Giacchè

Manager, Falck Next Energy UK Branch Falck Renewables Group

Simone Giacchè is the manager of Falck Next Energy UK Branch, the UK Trading Desk of the Falck Renewables Group.

Thanks to the strong  experience accumulated in the Italian Power Market, where we trade more than 1.5 TWh from 70 Renewable assets, the Desk established in the UK, in early 2020.

The extensive knowledge of renewable generation and its contribution in the fuel mix in the ever changing UK power market, allows Falck Next Energy to offer flexible and tailor-made conditions to our clients. This is an essential added value for those Generators looking to grasp the upsides of the current market.

Simone has a background experience as a Researcher in Physics, and now, several years  in the Power Sector, he works to expand the suite of services offered by the Desk in the UK with the ultimate aim to become a reliable partner for Renewable Generators thus making them competitive in the challenge of the decarbonisation process.

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