The Role of Effective Policy & Market Design in Facilitating Routes to Market

Time: 09:25 - 10:00

Date: 2024-05-22


Affordable renewable energy is essential for the competitiveness of the market. This session will delve into the role of market design in facilitating routes to market and the adjustments industry can expect in the second half of 2024 and into 2025.

  • The ways in which government can support routes to market
  • Ensuring the right policy is in place to expedite development of new renewables to cover energy needs resulting from electrification of industry and decarbonisation
  • An investor’s perspective on how market design can enhance market attractiveness
  • What is the best way now to rapidly expand low carbon infrastructure to meet industry’s energy demands?



  • Lyudmil Banev Director, Project Finance and Infrastructure - NatWest
  • Alistair Perkins Head of Infrastructure Debt - Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Sulaiman Ilyas-Jarret Head of Policy and Strategy, Renewable Delivery - Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

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